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At The Blossom International School based in Mallorca, we're more than just a school—we're a community where creativity and curiosity flourish. Our approach to education combines stimulating academic challenges with a rich arts program, all designed to nurture well-rounded individuals. Here, every student is encouraged to explore their passions and grow in a supportive environment, preparing them not just for academic success but for a fulfilling life. Join us and see how we inspire every child to reach their full potential.




The Blossom International School

The Blossom International School is dedicated to nurturing the potential of each student through a unique blend of rigorous academics and creative exploration. Our curriculum spans from Early Years to Senior Secondary education, integrating arts, project-based learning, and outdoor activities to foster holistic development. With a focus on small class sizes, personalised attention, and inclusivity, we create a supportive and stimulating environment for diverse learners. Our mission is to cultivate confident, well-rounded individuals prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Creative Curriculum for all ages

From early years to senior secondary, we believe in play-based learning and hands-on experiences.

Why Choose Blossom

We provide a unique blend of rigorous academic programs and a vibrant arts curriculum, empowering students to excel in both intellectual and creative endeavors.




Student-Teacher Ratio


University Acceptance

Nurture Every Interest

Our school is designed to spark curiosity and encourage diverse interests through various educational programs.

Global Curriculum

Education beyond boundaries.

Innovative Programs

Learning meets creativity.

Community Focus

Together we thrive.

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